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    The maps in the handout were from the Civil War Trust, with their permission for use on the course.  Their website is here.  and you can download coloured versions of the maps from their website.  The website also has an interactive animated map of the battle and 360 degree views of the battlefield.


    Both sides used Hardee’s Tactics   The link allows you to download a copy of a Confederate edition of this guide to battalion and regimental level drills.  You can explore how these work using the tutorial in the free demonstration version of the computer game   “The Scourge of war”   The full game is a very detailed model of combat of the time, but the tutorial allows you to see your units operated, and as a bonus has a detailed terrain model of the battlefield North and West of Gettysburg.

    The higher commanders of both sides relied on Joumini’s Art of War  

    As you can see, both of these are largely based on Napoleonic concepts and offer few guides to adapting to the firepower available by the middle of the century.

    Many of the sources for the campaign have been digitized.

    The 128 volumes of the Official Records  of the Union and Confederate armies is available online here 

    Here is a link to the plate from the accompanying atlas which shows sketch maps to  support the reports by Lee and Ewell for the 2nd day at Gettysburg.

     Battles and Leaders of the Am are also part of the digitiesed sources.  Volume 3 covers the Gettysburg Campaign.

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